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Written by Kyle Jackson

2016 King of the Hammers Champions

Published on February 11th 2016





Qualifying – Tuesday February 2nd

We didn’t do quite as well in qualifying as we had hoped. We encountered a few on course issues which gave us a time of 2:26.75 and put us in 27th position for Friday’s race. Not where we had hoped to be, but very motivating. 


KOH UTV Race – Wednesday February 3rd

We started 31st which was somewhere in the middle of the pack. Our plan was to run conservative through the desert so we could really push it in the rocks. We were bridging the gap between us and the leaders when we had a few mechanical issues that had us limping to the pits. After a 4 minute pit stop courtesy of our top notch pit crew, we were back at it and finished strong in 9th place. After not finishing the UTV race last year, we were proud to come in top 10 and in the daylight.

King of the Hammers – Friday February 6th

…………………..the most difficult one day off-road race in the world


Starting in 27th position, we left the line with a vengeance and immediately caught the next two cars by the top of short bus.  Within the first two miles the GPS stopped working. Rob had to remove it from its mount while going 80 mph in blind dust trying to keep pace. He got it fixed and we made it through the desert with no issues and passed a ton of cars. We came into main pit to fuel then it was on to lap 2 for some rec wheeling through Johnson Valley. We spent the whole day trying to catch the leaders not really knowing that we were the leaders until we got to Sledgehammer. We laid the car over on plaqueline and had to right ourselves then laid it over again at the top maneuvering around some gnarly rocks. That left us having to replace a driveshaft right outside of Sledgehammer canyon so we could make it to piit 2B to get another spare mounted on the car. Our pit crew is so well equipped and so focused, that we were in and out in no time and we were on our way up Outer Limits and down Spooners which Erik had not driven through since last year’s race. We were able to make it through without issue and could feel the win as we crested the sand hill. We’ve had the win in our hands until the end of the race for the past three years so to take the checkered flag this year felt better than good.

Huge thanks to our team, pit crew, family, friends and fans.

Thanks to our Sponsors!



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