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Written by Kyle Jackson

Loren Healy KOH Recap

Published on February 20th 2015

As I’m sitting in the worst traffic jam I have ever been a part of trying to get off the lake bed I have time to write up a 2015 King of the Hammers recap.
We got on the lake bed early and got a lot of pre running in, everything went well and I felt like we were ready for race day. Qualifying didn’t go as well, right off the line I lost 1st gear in the transmission and it got worse when I broke the lower A arm but still managed a 13th out of 130 so It could have been worse I guess. I was able to talk Randy Slawson into letting some of the Wild West team members into breaking into his shop in Reno to get a new lower A arm that would fit my race car and delivering it to the lake bed. We had a ton of work to do on Thursday but I have an awesome crew and they knocked it out giving me a very fresh car for race day.


I started off the line in front wheel drive low range because I didn’t check it but made up 5 or 6 positions to pit 1 where we had to change a flat tire and put out a small fire from an oil leak. Lost all the positions I had made up plus a bunch more with the pit stop but headed out again determined to catch back up to the leaders. We finished lap 1 somewhere around 7th-ish and headed out for lap 2.


I was driving way to aggressive in Clay Gilstraps dust and made the mistake I have been dreading my whole race career. I hit a ditch around 80mph and it sent me front flipping through the desert 3-4 times end over end but I landed back on the tires. It’s a real testament to the strength of my Jimmys 4×4 chassis that I walked away with out a scratch, and still had a functioning race car. Once I looked the car over and got my head back on my shoulders I ran the next 20 mile to the first rock trail but realized I didn’t have 4wd working anymore. Rather than becoming a trail plug and slowing down any other racers I pulled off and called it a day. The rock trails are pretty much impossible to drive in 2wd.
Randy, Erik, and Levi had an awesome battle to the finish. Congrats to all 3 of you guys! I would like to say thank you to all my family, crew, and friends who came out to support us, you all are the best! I’m also very grateful for my all my sponsors, I wouldn’t and couldn’t race with out you!

Although 2015 hasn’t stared the way I would like we have a full race schedule including a week in Moab for Easter Jeep Safari next month. See everyone soon!


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