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Written by Kyle Jackson

2015 KOH Preview: Loren Healy

Published on January 14th 2015


We sat down with Team Nitto Ultra4 driver Loren Healy to talk about the upcoming King of the Hammers and Ultra4 season. Follow the 2015 King of the Hammers event all week at

 What approach & strategy will you take at KOH this year?  
LH: Since I have racing a single seater for 2015 I have put a greater emphasis on being physically and mentally prepared.  My Crew Chief Clint Ritter, Casey Trujillo, and the crew at Jimmy’s 4×4 are all working hard to ensure that the race car is 100% ready to put me in a position to win.  

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your past experiences with KOH?
LH: I have shown up to KOH in the past with a brand new race car and swear that I will never do that again. While I have not had my single seat IFS car in Johnson Valley yet, it is well sorted out and demonstrated in Reno that it is capable in the rocks.  You can’t win if you don’t finish, this race has the highest attrition of the year.  

While winning is the ultimate goal, what would you consider a success this year at KOH?
LH: If I finish on the podium I will consider that a success. There are so many little things that can end your day at King of the Hammers and the talent pool is so deep, with guys pushing you to the limit.  

What would winning the King of the Hammers mean to you?  
LH: Well no one has won KOH back to back, so winning in 2015 probably means more to me than anyone else as it would be the biggest win of my career and put me in the Ultra4 history books.  

What unique challenges are you and your team facing this year?
LH: This will be my first year in a single seat car and I haven’t ran a long distance race yet so there will be a learning curve.  The first time I won King of the Hammers I did not even pre-run the race course!  This year though I intend to do my homework and have the course committed to memory before race day since I do not have Casey in the car with me.

What are you looking forward to in 2015 and beyond?
LH: Next year we will be running some SCORE and Best in the Desert races in a new desert built car, I’m really excited about that.  Ultra4 racing has some really talented fabricators and drivers but I feel like it is a well-kept secret and I am looking forward to showing the desert scene what we can do.

What will it take for you to get/keep the competitive advantage this year?
LH: My luck to not run out on me!  The 2014 season has been an amazing one, with four wins in a row.  

How do you balance the demands of racing with family life?
LH: Family is number one and most important to me, but racing isn’t far behind. Balancing work, family and racing gets tough but my family is very understanding and we try to spend time skiing or going to Disneyland to balance out the racing.

Author : Kyle Jackson OFF-ROAD

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